Q10 as classic Blackberry

blackberry q10


As you know, in addition to the full-touch model, BlackBerry has introduced the Q10, a version that incorporates the classic QWERTY keyboard and distinctive brand. As you may have guessed, the initials of his name refers to the incorporation of the keyboard, making the device ends up being a hybrid thanks to the 3.1-inch AMOLED screen with 720 x 720 pixel resolution, which is a little more large offering greater pixel density than its predecessor, the Bold 9930. As for the feeling with the AMOLED panel, fellow English Engadget suggest that not too appreciated the typical trend in this type of blue screens, although possibly claim that the illumination of the test area help it.

In return and to adapt to the new operating system have removed the top buttons of menu access, optical trackpad and related calls. The rest remains the same, very timely considering that the 9900 keyboard is the best I’ve had in a mobile phone.

The keyboard is the main ally of the Q10, reminding undoubtedly the most classic models. But obviously touches adapt to modern times, and this is where the role plays touchscreen.
Model is a 3.1-inch AMOLED square format, with a fairly good resolution of 720 × 720 pixels (330 ppi). It is the most common format, which must be attentive to measure their experience and interaction with BB10.

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