BlackBerry patent claims a system to rotate your screen up to 180 degrees


BlackBerry will not give up just like that to fame harvested for years with their keyboards and therefore always wringing their creative walk the brains trying to find a new twist to the case. In today’s episode the house has requested a patent for a curious hinge system able to tilt or rotate a screen up to 180 degrees from its base. Although the document does not explain too many details about their nature, it seems that the reason for this peculiar workaround is to make you more comfortable working with your keyboard or avoid you annoying reflections as you type. Yes, for now it looks like you’ll have to imagine it in your format or as an anchoring system with keyboard dock, and that may sound very suggestive that the proposal no explicit information to think about standing installation in some kind of tablet-change. Still, you know how these things and much as the company has wanted to keep the back with these documents, does not have to be working on a device that will see the light in the near future.

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