Blackberry an intelligent 10 Truth

blackberry 10

The Rim introduced the two new models: BlackBerry BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 with the new operating system which seeks to enter the smartphone market. Here comes the smart part do not need to change the settings to type in multiple languages​​, just keep typing and the keyboard will identify the language in which you do it.

The new operating system includes the BlackBerry Flow, which allows the user to move between applications and minimize sliding the finger from below. The BlackBerry Hub will focus your posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, email and more in one place. «You have to go to these social networks, you can tweet from the Hub.»

The BlackBerry Balance combines your conversations with personal business, to stop the practice of carrying two phones, one from work and other staff. The application brings camera photos directly integrated photo editing tools to stop them or cut Instagram filters such as jacks.

The new system includes BlackBerry Story Maker, which allows you to add a set of photos and / or videos on a hub, and keep playing music like a video and then send it or share it on social networks.

The system personalizes phone use by user applications most used contacts with whom you communicate more and more to give a completely personalized experience.

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